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Computer Science

HTTP/1.1 OR HTTP/2, I don’t care! I guess you should…

Being in the industry for quite long, I can definitely say most of the application developers do not care about the underlying application protocol. We have a lot of things to learn and improve on than to focus on things… Continue Reading →

Big O – Understanding the notion of this notation

Big O is basically a mathematical unit to describe the efficiency of algorithms. It is a language, which is used as a metric for comparing the efficiency of different algorithms. Analogy Let us try and understand this with the help… Continue Reading →

Spring Web Framework – Building blocks

Over the time I have realised, that though I have been working on Spring framework for quite some time, I still have doubts related to how a simple servlet became so much more? Apparently, having the knowledge of the classes… Continue Reading →

GoDaddy Python Application – Environment Setup

This post will help you with setting up of any python-flask (or any cgi enabled python) application on your GoDaddy hosting. I, myself was struggling to get this done, so I know the pain. There was information all over the… Continue Reading →

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