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February 2019

Big O – Understanding the notion of this notation

Big O is basically a mathematical unit to describe the efficiency of algorithms. It is a language, which is used as a metric for comparing the efficiency of different algorithms. Analogy Let us try and understand this with the help… Continue Reading →

Spring Web Framework – Building blocks

Over the time I have realised, that though I have been working on Spring framework for quite some time, I still have doubts related to how a simple servlet became so much more? Apparently, having the knowledge of the classes… Continue Reading →

“Your decision” – Really? Or was it a derivative?

The last decision you took was not actually yours. You were being driven, guided, manipulated, but all this was done too silently for you to notice. Most of us will definitely disagree with the statement above, in fact, your mind… Continue Reading →

GoDaddy Python Application – Environment Setup

This post will help you with setting up of any python-flask (or any cgi enabled python) application on your GoDaddy hosting. I, myself was struggling to get this done, so I know the pain. There was information all over the… Continue Reading →

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